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Exclusive Giveaways for GTA Residents

Discover daily exclusive giveaways for GTA residents, no strings attached. Join us for a year of surprises!


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Winners can use their prizes to shop in the app's marketplace or redeem at partnered stores.

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Explore our Restaurants section and indulge in gourmet delights from sponsored eateries across GTA.

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Discover nearby discounts and coupons when you're out and about, tailored to your location.


Welcome to 365 Days

Your daily destination for exclusive giveaways, discounts, and coupons designed specifically for Greater Toronto Area (GTA) residents. We're dedicated to bringing joy and excitement to our local community with no costs attached – just pure generosity for the people of GTA.

Your Adventure Begins Here

Features and Benefits

Discover how our platform empowers users and businesses alike

For users, our platform offers access to exclusive giveaways, discounts, and partnerships, enhancing their overall experience and enabling them to make the most of their community. Meanwhile, businesses benefit from increased visibility, engagement, and the ability to connect with their target audience in meaningful ways.

Accessible UI/UX

Our app's intuitive interface ensures usability for all ages and tech levels, making it accessible to everyone for seamless navigation and enjoyment.

Community Engagement

The app fosters community engagement by allowing Champions to interact directly with users. This creates a sense of belonging and encourages participation from all members of the community.

User Benefits

By participating in giveaways and redeeming discounts and coupons, users can benefit from the app's offerings and enhance their overall quality of life.

Support for Local Businesses

By providing a platform for Champions to showcase their offerings, 365 Days helps businesses thrive and contributes to the growth of the community.

Design Excellence

Discover the beauty of simplicity and efficiency as you navigate through our thoughtfully crafted interface, designed to enhance every aspect of your journey within the app.

Features you can't miss

  • Exclusive Access to Giveaways

    Unlock unique opportunities to win exciting prizes and experiences, be part of community-driven events for amazing rewards!

  • Discover Personalized Discounts and Coupons

    Explore tailored offers from GTA businesses, save on favorites while supporting community growth!

  • Advanced Reporting

    Champions have access to advanced reporting and analytics tools that provide insights into how the community is engaging with their businesses.


Technology Stack

Prototyping and Development

Our app is built using a diverse set of languages and technologies, including PHP and MySQL for backend functionality, Java for Android development, and essential web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Additionally, we utilize design tools like Figma and Adobe Photoshop to create intuitive user interfaces and seamless user experiences.

Stay tuned for our app launch!

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  • TBA
  • Release Date: March 1st, 2024 TBA
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Why you should choose 365 Days?

We offer a unique community experience, combining transparency, user-friendliness, and a community-centric approach to provide exclusive giveaways, transparent transactions, and an easy-to-use platform for residents of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

It all starts by empowering your community

When exploring 365 Days, uncover how we foster empowerment through transparency, exclusive giveaways, and meaningful collaborations.

  • Community Centric

    Join a vibrant community with exclusive GTA giveaways.

  • Transparency

    Every user receives digital receipts, ensuring transparency and accountability in all transactions.

  • User-Friendly

    Easy-to-use interface for all ages.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about us?

Yes, charities can easily participate in the 365 Days platform, reaching a wider audience and fulfilling their philanthropic goals. Through the app, charities can connect with GTA residents, raise awareness for their cause, and contribute to community welfare initiatives effortlessly.
Our goal is to support and uplift the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) community. As such, we welcome anyone who is physically present within the GTA region to participate in our giveaways, regardless of whether they reside in the area or not. Our focus is on helping individuals who are within the borders of the GTA and contributing to the well-being of our community.
We believe that everyone within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) deserves the opportunity to benefit from our community initiatives. By allowing non-residents who are present within the GTA region to participate in our giveaways, we extend our support to anyone who may be in need or who may wish to engage with our community. Our aim is to create a sense of inclusivity and unity within the GTA, ensuring that everyone has access to the resources and support they require.
We utilize location-based services to determine your geographical location. By accessing your device's GPS or other location services, we can verify if you are currently located within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). This ensures that only users physically present in the GTA can participate in our giveaways.
We prioritize user privacy and security by implementing robust data protection measures and adhering to strict privacy guidelines. User data is encrypted and securely stored, and we are committed to ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of user information at all times.

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